Our Law firm knows that the testament of a person and, subsequently, the liquidation of his/her inheritance are commissions that need two essential factors, which must be present in the performance of the professionals who intervene in this matter.

From our office in Barcelona we intend to offer both factors:

  • Humane and personalized treatment to understand the true will and the wishes of the person you want to grant a testament, devoting the needed time, to be able to draft testamentary dispositions that contains the real will of the testator in the most reliable and effective way possible
  • Necessary legal and professional expertise, focused on determining the best legal way to establish the will of the testator, as well as to obtain the lowest possible tax cost according to legal framework.


With this aim, our team is formed by experienced economists and lawyers, who work together to achieve the best solution for the specific file. Our experience gives us the knowledge that there are not two equal cases because there are not two equal families either and, for this reason we demand ourselves to offer our professional expertise in the most possible personalized way.


Planning of Inheritance:

Our team will advise you on the planning and configuration of your testament to get the best and safest hereditary transmission way, considering your will and your purposes. 


Inheritance liquidation:

Our professionals will review with the heirs the will manifested by the testator and advise them on achieving the best way to receive the goods and rights that are transmitted to them. This advice is necessary to reduce as much as possible the Tax on Inheritances and Donations (ISD) and other related expenses to the hereditary transmission, and to find the more simple and convenient way for its acceptance and distribution, taking into account the future use of them.



In some cases, it may be very interesting to make a donation in life of some goods and rights. In those cases, it is important to know advantages and consequences of these operations for both the donor and the donee, and be advised by professionals about possible tax benefits to be applied depending on the kind of goods considered.


Our Law Firm remains at your disposal to study your best option.